Transfer from Airport to City


Transfer from Airport to City (Las Palmas de GC, Maspalomas, etc…)

When you visit other city, you want to enjoy your trip and forget about problems.

One of the biggest headaches is the moment when your plane land and you need to go from the airport to your next destination, the hotel you have booked, the restaurant you are going to enjoy a delicious meal or that important meeting.

The most common options to go from the airport to the place you want to go are by subway, bus or taxi. Indeed, the best solution to avoid unforeseen obstacles is choosing a private transfer.

Which are the main advantages to book a transfer from airport to city (Las Palmas de GC, Maspalomas, etc…)?


Firstly, you can forget about timetables. If you decided to pick up a bus or the subway you will need to have timetables under control. Moreover, delays are very frequent and nobody can assure you will reach your destination on time. When you book a private transfer, you are sure the drive will be waiting for you when you are expected to arrive.

It will help you to save money. Other advantage is that you will know the price you will pay since the moment you book the transfer. It is well known that when you use a taxi you can never know how much it will cost you at the end. You will not have any bad news when talking about money. You will only pay for a comfortable and private ride without misunderstandings.

It is a more secure and reliable way of transport. When choosing how to get to your last stop you must bear in mind that you will carry your luggage and important documents. You minimize the risk of losing personal objects when travelling in private transport. Also, it is more comfortable if you are travelling with a large number of baggage.

This are only some of the main advantages but there are many others. Private transfers are the best option, it does not matter whether you are on holidays or on a business trip.

Make now your reservation and enjoy it.

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